Alicea Davis is a passionate spoken word poet, author and artist who is not a stranger to victory! She is strengthened by her faith in God and humanity after having a personal testimony of healing from the mental distress of racial division and unrest, which came about while she was also healing from generational patterns of abuse and childhood trauma. In the past, this chaos once lead her to mental torment and illness that she has been blessed to overcome.

She is a former atheist who was able to make peace with the sufferings in the world. This acceptance fueled her passion to use her life to make the world a lighter place.

She is the Founder of the March Forth Movement, which will help America reach racial reconciliation in our lifetime, through personal growth in Jesus Christ.

In October 2019, she became the founder of the new National March Forth Racial Healing and Reconciliation Christian Holiday. It is celebrated each March 4th and throughout the year, because the date commands us to march forth in unity.

She founded, FOR (Friends of Reconciliation, Inc) to provide inspirational next steps for those who seek deeper healing. 

Join the conversation on the racial reconciliation movement by using the hashtags #MarchForthInUnity #FromHatredToHealing #RacialHealing and  #RacialReconciliation and #Lovelogical

Express the progress with Alicea Davis, her apparel and accessories to spread more hope, healing and unity.


-Alicea Davis,

 Spoken Word Poet. Author. Artist.